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Affordable GCSE Biology tutoring for everyone

We’ll help you achieve your educational goals with online tutoring by teachers and A* students, and access to our award winning Smart Courses.

About Tutor Eagle Tutoring

Tutor Eagle have affordable Biology tutoring available that’s accessible to everyone. Featured on the BBC, we have flexible tutors with different payment styles to suit your needs. With access to Smart Courses and an online tutor at flexible times, Tutor Eagle tutoring is a suitable fit for any student!

We also give means tested bursaries to students, provided they meet our eligibility requirements.


We have set prices for GCSE Biology, you will receive the rate on your welcome email. For more information, please use the contact form below and we’ll book you for a welcome chat.

Ways to Pay

We have two different ways to pay so we can meet your needs.

Pay as You Go

Pay as you go allows you to add credit to a tutoring account. Lessons are rated per 30 minutes, so if you just wanted to pop in and ask a quick question, or mix and match subjects, this would work for you.

Our PAYG plan is best for students who just need a little bit of advice, and you can add money to a secure eWallet. However, SmartCourses are only available if you have a balance of £15 or more and you top up £30 a month or more.

Pay Per Lesson

The traditional Pay Per Lesson, where you pay after every lesson. In this case, lessons are rated per 60 minutes and have to be scheduled in advance.

Our PPL plan is best for students who need regular tuition and SmartCourses are included.

We need your parent or guardian's permission.

We'll send an email to your parent or guardian about tutoring as we're unable to take any more information from you. If you type your parents contact details below, we can speak to them :).

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